Airport Authority of the County of Scotts Bluff
Meeting Agenda
September 12, 2018
9:30 a.m.
Conference Room - New Terminal

         1.  Call to Order
         2.  Announce location of LB. 898 (Nebraska Open Meetings Act - on the table between the entry doors.)

         3.  Roll Call of Current Board Members.

         4.  Approval of the Agenda.

         5.  Appointment/Swearing in of New Board Member to Fill Vacancy.

         6.  Election of New Secretary/Treasurer.
         7.  Approval of the Minutes from August 15, 2018 meeting.

         8.  Approval of Consent Calendars August 21, 2018, and September 4, 2018.

         9.  Public hearing - Airport Budget hearing 10:00 a.m.

        10. Approval of additional 1% increase in 2017-2018 Restricted Funds Authority for Calculation
               of LC-3 Lid Computation Form.        

        11. Approval of Final Budget.

        12. Airport Update - Raul Aguallo.

        13. General Discussion:    Citizen Opinion/Input
                                                     Eagle Med
                                                     Fed Ex
                                                     Hertz Thrifty Car Rental
                                                     Robbins Aviation
                                                     Scotts Bluff County Sheriff's Department
                                                     The Flight Deck Restaurant
                                                     Valley Airways
                                                     Westco/Western Aviation
                                                     City of Gering
                                                     City of Scottsbluff
                                                     City of Terrytown
                                                     Scotts Bluff County

        14.  Executive Board Report

        15.  Next meeting date - October 17, 2018.

        16.  Adjournment