Airport Authority of the County of Scotts Bluff
Meeting Agenda
July 18, 2018
9:30 a.m.
Conference Room - New Terminal

         1.  Call to Order
         2.  Announce location of LB. 898 (Nebraska Open Meetings Act - on the table between the entry doors.)

         3.  Roll Call.

         4.  Approval of the Agenda.

         5.  Approval of the Minutes from June 13, 2018 meeting.

         6.  Approval of Consent Calendar June 26, 2018, and July 10, 2018.

         7.  Approve Proposed Budget with Resolution and send to County Clerk.

         8.  Airport Update - Darwin Skelton

         9.  General Discussion:    Citizen Opinion/Input
                                                    Eagle Med
                                                    Federal Express
                                                    Hertz Thrifty Car Rental
                                                    Robbins Aviation
                                                    Scotts Bluff county Sheriff's Department
                                                    The Flight Deck Restaurant
                                                    Valley Airways
                                                    Westco/Western Aviation
                                                    City of Gering
                                                    City of Scottsbluff
                                                    City of Terrytown
                                                    Scotts Bluff County

        10.  Executive Board Report.

        11.  Next meeting date - August 15, 2018.

        12. Adjournment.